Services to the foreign investor

Uruguay XXI is the first point of contact for the foreign investor, providing free and personalized support to those who are evaluating making their investment in Uruguay, as well as to those who are already installed in the country.


Promotion of country value proposition and investment opportunities

Macro, sector and customised information reports at the request of the potential investor

Organization of agendas for visits to Uruguay

Advice and facilitation of public and private contacts


Facilitation of procedures in public organizations

Strengthening of business contact networks, dynamization of clusters and innovation ecosystems

Improvements to the regulatory framework and other aspects of the business climate

Facilitation of support for: access to and development of talent, development of suppliers, R+D projects, among others

Support for the development of re-investment opportunities

Tools for the foreign investor

Uruguay has positioned itself as a reliable and attractive destination for foreign investors. Start working in the best country to invest.

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Directory of legal, accounting and human resources services.

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Access the main costs to establish a business in Uruguay: purchase and rental of offices, home and land; labor costs, services in general, access to health and education.

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Non-refundable contribution of up to 70% for training costs to Global Services companies.

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Free-access website for companies specialized in the Global Services industry, which encourages strategic links among companies, educational institutions and potential employees.

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Priority access to migration processes for Global Services companies interested in hiring foreign talent.

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Platform that allows to obtain data of intra and extra zone tariffs and tribute refunds broken down by NCM.

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Learn about the characteristics, services, political division and productive chains of the country, and discover why Uruguay is an excellent destination to invest, work and live.

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Data of the main macroeconomic variables of Uruguay: quotes, financial indicators, prices and economic indicators daily updated.

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Tool that allows visualizing current international agreements of Uruguay with the world.

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