The Exhibition

Nine Uruguayan design studios present an exhibition inspired by one of their cultural icons, the poet Juana de Ibarbourou.

The works of Poetic Forms draw their inspiration from Las Lenguas de Diamante, a very influential book for Latin American literature on the one hundredth anniversary of its publication.

The collaborative work of these Uruguayan studios reflects upon the main themes of this revolutionary poet such as love, freedom, body and nature to create unique pieces that use the noble raw materials that Uruguay offers.



Las Lenguas de Diamante

Juana de Ibarbourou

Juana de Ibarbourou was one of the greatest poets of Latin American literature, considered a transgressive and passionate figure. Because of her work she was also considered a very controversial woman for the time.

"Las lenguas de diamante" was published in 1919. It was Juana de Ibarbourou's first book and earned her immediate national and international recognition, becoming an icon of Spanish-language literature.